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10 PRINT CHR$(205.5 RND(1)); : GOTO 10

10 PRINT CHR$(205.5 RND(1)); : GOTO 10

The classic C64 Basic oneliner creates a random maze.

C64 C-64 Commodore Basic Nerd

 Design 1-20 / 157 (Mouseover)

1-20 / 157


First there was the pixel. It’s the amallest part of a videogame-screen. Before there was the 3D-age with it’s polygonal characters and objects, these things were drawn pixel for pixel with love. Good artists at this periode were able to fill a 16 x 16 pixel small sprite with live and charm.

Update Booting 19xx

The Booting 19XX Designs will be printed larger up to now.

rocking 8-Bit Chess Club

Die jungs vom 8-Bit Chess Club tragen Bei ihrem neusten Fotoshooting LowRez. Hört euch auf jeden Fall „Tetris“ an.

8-Bit Chess Club

LowRez @ CSM

CSMYou will find there more than 300 exhibits in the Computerspielemuseum, Berlin that conveys the cultural history of computer and video games. You are invited on an entertaining expedition to meet the game players of the 21st century. Numerous rare original exhibits, playable classic games and assorted media productions help you exploring the world of "Homo Ludens Digitalis”.

Design your own LowRez Retroshirt!

Choose your shirt out of an large amount of products and colors, place a design or text on it, which you can color, rotate and size like you want it, to get your individual t-shirt with the LowRez-Designer.

Arcade-Freak or Noob?

Test it with the screenshot-game.


Ira Atari
Dai-Lee Chan
Karolina Przybylska
Christian Leuenberg
Viola Tensil
Rob Faraldi

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